Infinite Loop TTC


Playing Rules

    • When you arrive, add your name to the queue.
    • When your name comes up you may:
      • Ask another idle player to play or practice.
      • Skip (if tired or waiting for a player who is still playing).
    • If another player asks you to play or practice, you may decline unless the other player will have no one else to play with in the next 15 minutes who is close to his/her skill level.
    • All matches are best 3 of 5 with roughly a 5 minute warmup (10 minutes for your first warmup of the night).
    • Practice sessions are 20 minutes.
    • When a match or practice session is over, both players add their names to the end of the queue.
    • If there is no one waiting in the queue, you may continue playing beyond the normal time until another table finishes or someone adds their name to the queue -- at which point play continues in the order of the queue.
    • One table may be prioritized for coaching sessions given by the club coach.

Code of Conduct

    • Players will conduct themselves in a sportsman-like manner.
      • Refrain from using loud or offensive language: yelling, cussing (s-t, d-n, f-k), swearing (G-D, J-C), etc.
      • Respect for table tennis equipment is a must. Players may not kick, pound, or sit on the tables or throw paddles.
    • Do not place beverage containers or other items on tables.
    • Walk along the barriers and the perimeters to avoid disturbing the play of others and for your own safety. If needed, wait until play has stopped before crossing a court area.
    • Clean up after yourself and make sure all trash is put into trash cans.
    • Senior players should be an example and can respectfully offer suggestions to less experienced players to help them enjoy, understand, and play the sport of table tennis.
    • Members should offer to help set up and take down the equipment as needed and to clean up the area if they are the first to arrive or the last to leave. Please ask for instructions before setting up or taking down tables.